Kogyaru Outfits

The classic kogal or kogyaru outfit as it became popular in Japan is based on typical Japanese school uniforms (セーラー服 seifuku). Dominant colors usually are dark blue and white, partly also red and grey.

Miniskirt or microskirts and the loose socks are central elements of the outfit which became popular in the Nineties. Furthermore, the so called Kogals favor platform boots and Burberry scarves as accessories.

kogyaru kogal outfit

Kogyaru Tops

For kogyaru tops there are basically two styles. The western interpreted outfits usually have a plain shirt in colors like white and blue. It often is combined with a tie or a bow and an oversized cardigan sweater. The bows are worn in a variety of colours and patterns including spotted and checkered. Also Burberry scarves became a quite popular accessory among kogal girls. More tradional Japanese outfits are styled with a sailor styled top known as a seifuku. These outfits are combined with ties and bows too.

Kogal Skirts

Kogyaru / kogal skirts are short that the knees are not covered. A typical skirt is pleated and checkered. Ideally a kogyaru skirt is matching the colour of the bow or tie.


White, loose socks are normally an important part of a perfect kogal outfit. These special socks can have lengths of up to 2 meters and are layered on the lower leg. That way the socks get a kind of scrunchy look. However, there are also thigh high socks and tights being used.

Shoes and Boots

As for shoes traditional Japanese school shoes are usually used. However pumps and boots can also be seen. Especially platform boots became popular for kogal outfits.

Kogyaru Bags

While outfits are combined with a lot of bag styles, the japanese elementary school bag is a quite popular accessory in kogyaru fashion. The so called Randoseru is a firm-sided backpack made of stitched leather or leather-like synthetic. It often is colored in red.