About Kogyaru

The term kogyaru or kogal (コギャル) indicates a fashion in vogue among Japanese girls, born in the nineties.

Kogyaru Kogal Fashion
Typical kogyaru / kogal outfits worn by Japanese girls

The etymology of the term kogyaru is not clear. “Gyaru” (ギャル) comes from the English word gal, used in slang to define the word girl, while for the prefix ko (コ), some sources say it comes from kōtō gakkō (高等学校), the Japanese word for high school. What word kogal originated from the phonetic language of the term kogyaru. Both describe the same type of Japanese fashion culture.

The main characteristics of the classic kogyaru fashion are the rather showy clothing and makeup. For example the hair often is dyed with flashy colors such as light brown or platinum blonde. Usually white eyeshadows and a light lipstick are used to stand out on tanned skin. Regarding the clothing kogal girls mainly use the sailor fuku, the classic Japanese school uniform, but also miniskirts and above all loose slouch socks, which sometimes partially cover the shoes. Today, nearly two decades later, elements of the original kogyaru style are becoming more and more popular in streetwear looks, for example loose socks worn with bulky sneakers.

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